ProfitCents Reports

   ProfitCents Report For Your Business.

Looking for an easy and understandable financial report for your business?  This new program will take your financial statements and convert them into a narrative description of your financial situation – in layman terms!  Financial management is central to the success of your business.  You need to have answers for questions like “Why am I showing a profit when I don’t have any money in the bank?”, “Is my cost of sales more than it should be for my type of business?” and “How can I improve my bottom line for profitability?”  You (and maybe your banker) may have difficulty answering these questions from financial statements – this report will make it easy!

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Personal Financial Analysis.

Your personal financial information converted into plain language and understandable analysis with discussion of and suggestions for income and expenses, cash flow, saving and investments. An easy and simple two page form is all that we need to complete to produce the report!  Call Carole Johnson for details.



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